005. | Bell Let’s Talk 2019.


I’m taking part in Bell Let’s Talk Day this year, as I do every year, only this year I plan to release a blog series shortly afterwards (early February) around bullying/cyberbullying and the ways it can affect the mental health of the victim. I had planned to do this mid-January but life held me up, and I wasn’t sure if I could get everything done in time. As well, I did some thinking on what I wanted this blog to be about and I decided to center it -for now- around being productive/focused not only while struggling with ADHD but also while dealing with the symptoms of mental health disorders.

That made more sense to me, especially since I’m currently on medicinal treatment for ADHD and it’s working, but I’m also finding the struggle to get things done simply as a result of anxiety disorders and major depressive disorder. I plan to post on January 30th as well as utilise each of the ways to take part (see the link above). Below though, I’ve listed off the ways you can also participate, as well as linking back to the resources they’ve given.

I’ve sourced Bell Let’s Talk below, and do not take any credit for the resources below.