About Site (Mission Statement)

I had three goals in mind when creating this website:

My first one is that this website will help teach those struggling with mental illness or a learning disorder how they can be productive, maintain focus and succeed at their writing despite their disabilities.

My second goal is to help those struggling with ADD and ADHD be able to find a way to become productive, mindful and stay focused on their writing.

My third goal is to help promote mindfulness, healing from mental illness as well as working through the struggles of feeling too emotionally low to function, through the practice of journaling.


If even just one person walks away from this website and I’ve helped make a difference to them, that is a win for me. For many years I’ve struggled with all of the above and I could never find the resources I needed online that catered to the complexity of issues that makes my brain so ‘unique’. I aim to create those missing resources here, in one easy-to-access place.

As well, you can guarantee that the layout/design (both current and future) of this website will not be distracting and will promote an easy reading experience, with current accessibility web standards in mind. This website is optimised for mobile browsing, with both a tablet and a mobile phone layout as well as the standard desktop version.

NOTE: I’m not a licensed therapist. My knowledge stems from a few places – personal experience being first and foremost. I’ve attended each type of therapy I describe within this website many, many times. I frequently am attempting to share DBT and CBT skills with my friends as a means of problem solving. It is my go-to. As well, I have an acknowledgement of completion within Mohawk College’s Addictions/Concurrent Disorders program.