003. | SAD & The Holiday Funk

Irony – a few weeks ago I was writing (or typing.. not sure where but I know I said it somewhere) about how there didn’t seem to be the usual tanking of my mood that tends to follow after Nanowrimo. I was.. emotionally fine, for the first 12 or so days of the month. I was also sick with a nasty cold-whatever-the-heck but that was only until the 7th or so. I didn’t start having the low mood until a few days ago and I thought it was just happening because my mood was strange while I was sick.


But nope. I’m still feeling that way and it’s making me incapable of doing a lot of things I wanted to do. So, here’s my post on what I’m doing about getting past it and my game-plan between now and January 1st, because it’s apparent I need one. Nothing wrong in that. I read more about seasonal affective disorder and seasonal depression shortly after Nanowrimo than any other time of the year, even though SAD affects us year ’round, it just hits harder during holidays – especially holidays that are centred around family and things we may not have.